Wednesday, October 28, 2009

when worlds make ride

Pushing Oct 29, Halloween is the day after tomorrow and that means we celebrate the unholiest of holy days as wholly as we can in the form of endless parties overlapping with our friends.


Right, 4 of them I care to count this year. Two races, a polo tourney, and a party at Adrian's place to which I tend the bar. Dressed like Hef. Before I think too much about the debauchery to be I need to focus on the caps that will be doled out at two of these events. A round of Manting with a side of surprise for the West Side Maniacs at the Halloween Polo Massacre at Scadding Court from 11am to 7pm, and a few DA SHEPPARD tribute caps donated to the Halloween Alley Cat at the Brick Works.

Thankfully all hallows eve is making it easy for me, all I have to do is make some hats tomorrow night, take them a few blocks from home. Enjoy an afternoon of rumpus and some not so mellow velo hello's with the gang and then head home to get into my red velevet robe (and matching cap?), sneakers and a pipe.

pre present and post productions pics to come...

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coi said...

I'll see your hat and raise you a t-shirt.