Monday, May 4, 2009

An evening with Toronto's cycling establishment, or Dandy Horsing around.

Fall 2008 was a great time for Wipt, we didn't sell many shirts but we did meet quite a few great people through Sunny D's Velo Social!

One of those great people is Tammy Thorne, Editor in Chief of Dandyhorse, a magazine about Toronto On Two Wheels.
Tammy is a highly active member of the Toronto cycling community, and we were excited that she took an interest in what we are doing. The result? Wipt has a piece in the current issue of Dandyhorse!
What an honor it is to share pages with not only Mike Barry of Mariposa (!!!!), but a few of our friends and community that we have much respect for (shout out to Andrew Meamura, Sarah Hood, Matt Rennick, Joe Travers, Yvonne Bambrick, the list goes on...).

What follows are a few shots from the Dandyhorse release party, BMX flatland, cake, goldsprints, perogies, good music and great people.

I'll be updating this post when I get a chance to provide photo captions, and add some shots caught by other photographers.


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