Thursday, April 30, 2009

catching up to do, pt. 1

The last few weeks have seen us busy, and it's a pleasure to say that we've been busy on our bikes!

Where's Waldo was wonderful, a race with a purpose beyond any old excuse to get together, the community came together to race and raise money for their friend Amy Dyer, who went toe to toe with a pothole and took a few blows. Amy took it like a champ, still smiling (and healing like a superhuman), and soon to be sporting a new grill thanks to everyone who came out to the event, made a donation, ate, drank and had fun. I think a few peeps might have walked their bikes that night.

XO to Amy, so glad to see you in good spirit!
Mad love to everyone involved in the race; Toby, Maija, Leah, Shane & Peggy, everyone who donated and everyone who came out!

Tom Briggs of Skitch Clothing, with the one and only Tobra A.K.A Waldo

Zion One clutches card 55, Photo Credit Justin Morris.

Chattin with G-Ram: "I traded in my cervelo for a supercycle"


protocap, a gift for Jedi master

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

putting money where her mouth is

Friday April 24th is the day we will race to put a few teeth back in Amy Dyer's face.

The potholes in Toronto are literally man (and woman) eating this spring, as Amy unfortunately found out the hard way.
She's tough as nails and with the support of her family, friends, and community, she'll be flashing her grin again in no time.

I urge you to come out and race for Amy's face (dentists aren't cheap), make a donation and support an awesome woman who deserves a break during a hard time.

See the facebook group here

In the mean time, if you find a nasty pothole yourself we urge you to call the Toronto Pothole Hotline @ 416-599-9090, the city has vowed prompt filling of potholes called in and I for one would love to put that to a test...

Keep your chin up Amy, and we hope to see all of you at the race!

- Respect to everyone who acted quickly to help out their friend. The love in this community is palpable, and this race is a great example.