Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Raising the bar!

Surfed over to Skitchclothing.com today to see what's new and found a gem, a short clip of Tom Briggs doing some trick I've never seen before: fakie wheel grab barspin, and a fakie barspin, barspin back!

Sick moves Tom, keep up the creativity!

Two New Tricks from Skitch Clothing on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bike Polo (Toronto, March 8 2009) from Tim Pass on Vimeo.

Saturday blessed southern Ontario with warm air, tons of sun, and little wind to speak of.
Not that the Toronto Bike Polo junkies need an excuse to get together, these folk will play in almost any weather ( I've seen it, frost bite and all ).
This is a tight crew most of whom I call friend and all of whom I am proud to support.

Thank you Tim Pass for the footage, great job, we need to see more of this!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring's here and so are new tees

First print, goin to Sunny D. printed on AA color eggplant.
WEBSITE IS COMING. And you'll be able to top your whip with attitude in no time....

Monday, March 2, 2009

Montreal to Super XXXtreme Booty Call

So this race was a wild way to end the week. We had just come back from Montreal the night before where we had a good re-assuring chat with Sylvester at Brakeless, one of the nicest fixed gear boutiques I've ever seen so far. Really amazing atmosphere, gave me a positive outlook for Wipt.

Toby and Maija's funfest in extreme cold temperatures at the Bombshelter. What's better this time of year I do not know but wow.
It took place downtown and started on Queen and Spadina, our checkpoint was the 8th on Queen st. a block away from Osgoode at The Condom Shack! We had about 21 racers come in and do pole dances which was very entertaining for the customers.
The race ended with a few winners with sexy prizes including obey hats, Velocity rims, Crumpler bags, and our shirts. Thanks to everyone who came out and a special thanks to Toby and Maija for having us!