Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Welcome to Wipt, my little black on white t-shirt line with a little bit of glow in the dark.
Ever since I moved to Toronto to go to Fashion school I learned about the singlespeed/fixed gear cycling culture and immediately fell in love. I frequently visited La Carrera, one of the classiest bike stores in Toronto, and started filling up with ideas of what I wanted to do with my fashion career. I became inspired by the mix of graf and photography by Stash and Futura, as well as what the Retail Mafia had going on, and spent the rest of the winter months trying to figure out what I wanted to do.
After finishing my first year in school, I met this trickster with alot of energy and passion for ripping on a fixie, which completely blew my mind, So I came up with a trick for a shirt from a photo I took.
I made up a few more images and shot and printed them within a week intime for CMWC, this thing has started off pretty quick without enough forethought as to what I wanted it to turn into, and right now I'm rethinking the entire thing.
At first this was just a T-shirt project, but this is my way of contributing to a culture I have fallen in love with, so I want this to turn into a company that will grow. I'd like to thank everyone who helped the T-shirt thing evolve, and now I have plans for hats, bags, and pants. PANTS! I want to take this thing seriously now.

I've been obsessed with Fashion for as long as I can remember but never knew how I fit in or what I could do with it, but you don't always have to know what you're doing as long as you're doing something, experiencing takes you to realizing a world of potential. SO a huge thanks to everyone I've met here in T.O., the bike store owners, the riders,the racers the messengers, the tricksters, you've ALL inspired me in ways you don't even know, AND
A huge thanks to Cog, my new Vogue.

AND to anyone reading this, Wipt isn't a one man show, if you have ideas or want to be a part of it, lets chat.