Sunday, June 22, 2008


Wow, delayed by a week in updating... Zef went down hard in a skid contest and ended up with stitches!!! Crazy but successful weekend. We made about 50 shirts, handed out and sold some at the Cycle Messenger World Championships which was a start to really getting us out there. Some cats from Tokyo, California, New York, and home got some, and we're arranging for a shop in L.A. to supply them, so if you're in the area show some love! And if you'd like to know more on how you can get your hands on a shirt, or make a custom order, we're in the process of putting together a catalogue for the next run. Each run is a limited edition and every shirt is unique because they're hand printed and some are designed from photographs I take of Toronto riders, and support from around the world is appreciated. We get your word out there just as much as you ours. We're good like that! OH and don't forget to check out bootleg sessions 2! We have a few available, for any info let us know at wiptclothing@GMAIL.COM or leave a comment!
Some pics from the event...

yay for first aid!

Bu photographer from Tokyo

Glenn organizing trackstands in glow in the dark shirt

Zef wearing Tom Mosher shirt

vending with Sana's Emergency apparel!

Zef installing an alter, Dax's bike; perfect match!

Chris in our glow in the dark shirt


Kym Perfetto from NYC!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

so then..

Pumped a few shirts in these designs in various sizes tonight, including glow in the dark aero wings which isn't shown here.YET!

DJ Dr Fritz wearing aerospoked logo

zef wearing tom mosher doing a spin

MORE TO COME!!!!!!!!11111


CMWC is tomorrow and the following shirts will be gracing it's presence;
(colors vary)

Back of the shirt; Girl's

Back of the shirt; aerospokes, they glow !
(this is soon coming in 3m Reflective paint)

If you see me gimme a shout with some feedback!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


So here's the deal, everything is unraveling very quickly. Ideas have been flying and production planning is underway. The company currently consists of me designing/producing and Zef with the inspiring vision and window to the one gear culture with his custom building of boutique Bomb Proof Bikes. We also have a sponsored rider; Tom Mosher, who has been destroying his fixed gear bike doing gnarly tricks (which you can checkout on Bootleg Sessions 2) and being turned into art work for our beginning line of t-shirts! We're also going to be attending Cycle Messenger World Championships
Check out Bomb Proof Bikes on facebook.